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Other Farm Supplies & Equipment

Spit Water Pressure Washers

spitwaterSpitwater is the only Australian manufacturer of a complete range of high pressure water cleaners. The company’s modern, 15,000m2, manufacturing facility in Albury, Southern NSW, uses the latest, ‘State of the Art’ manufacturing technology and continues to proudly serve Australia since 1983.

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Yarroweyah Engineering

yarroweyah engineering logo yarroweyah imageYarroweyah Engineering has been manufacturing rotary milking platforms for over 30 years. We have over two thousand seven hundred platforms working in over fifty three different countries, this equates to more than one million cows being milked twice a day on our platforms. With this experience we are sure we can offer a solidly constructed, reliable and proven rotary platform as our first platform ever made is still being used twice a day.
Our Rotary Milking Platforms revolutionised milk production around the world more than thirty years ago. Today they are synonymous for efficiency and reliability. Our platform system ensures a quiet, hassle-free and smooth milking process. Uninterrupted cow flow results in an efficient working routine with cows fed and milked in a clam and stress free environment.

No matter what size or scale your operation is we are able to custom design a solution to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
Along with the manufacture and installation of Rotary Milking Platforms, we also construct cow yard systems with a number of different backing gate options including Solid Backing Gates.

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GEA Fans

pg 16 Houle fan 2GEA offers a range of powerful and quiet fans in a variety of different designs to help you achieve a healthy stall climate and high yield.

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Wilson Hot Water

More information is coming soon!

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More information coming soon!

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Dairy Shed Products and Other Farming Supplies

Poowong Dairy & Hardware also stock many dairy shed procts including milk filters, rubber ware and Vee belts.

We stock Concrete troughs, Stormpro pipes, rapid set concrete and cement, various Herbicides and weed control.

pg 12 Concrete troughs

Ecolab dairy powder range

Detergent, Sanitizers and Hygiene products

pg 11 Dairy powerCleantechEcolab dairy powder range can help optimize your dairy operation with measurable improvements in operational efficiency, overall farm sustainability and milk safety and quality. We help dairy producers improve cleaning and sanitization, and provide high-quality udder hygiene and hoof care products needed to produce safe, wholesome milk. Our network of dealers work with you to deliver innovative products and programs, backed by our experienced field staff and technical experts.

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The Caprice product collection has evolved over twenty-five years to include a diverse range of specialist paper products for the hospitality and medical industries. From the premium tabletop range to industrial strength wipers, all Caprice products are purpose developed to meet the needs of the specific markets they serve.

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Glenco Air Compressors and Generators

pg 16 Glenco Air compressor P20-left (2)Glenco Air & Power is an Australian market leader delivering unique, high quality and competitively priced compressed air and portable power products. Established in 1984, we have gone from strength to strength in a highly competitive and fast-moving industry.

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Feed Tech

pg 14 feedtech 3Feedtech Feeding Systems manufacture Rollermills, Herringbone & Rotary Dairy Feeders, Additive Dispensers, Galavanised Pencil Augers from 4inch to 8inch, Belt or Gearbox Drive, Feeders for Robots.

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Skiold and Vacuum Milling Solutions

Udskriv SKIOLD & Vacuum Milling Solutions specialize in the design, sales and installation of quality grain milling equipment.

We supply the latest in grain milling and handling equipment from one of Europes leading manufactors. Equipment that is made to fit together! We design the entire system with a guaranteed performance and long life.

Covering all of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands and with more than 100 years combined experience in the farming industry we pride ourselves on quality equipment, installations and undertake a commitment to ensure customers satisfaction.

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