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Cattle Pour On

Cydectin 500ml

Cydectin 2.2 Litre

Cydectin 5.5 Litre

Cydectin 17 Litre Gun Pack

Dectomax  2.5 Litre

Dectomax  5 Litre

Dectomax 20 Litre Beefmaker Pack

Dectomax Injectable

Ivomec Injectable

Cattlemax Pour-On 1 Litre

Cattlemax Pour-On 2.5 Litre

Cattlemax Pour-On 5 Litre

Cattlemax Pour-On 20 Litre

Zoetis Vaccines

7 in 1 in 50ml,

7 in 1 100ml and

7 in 1 250ml

5 in 1 in 50ml

5 in 1 100ml 

5 in 1 250ml

Bovilis MH and Bovilis S vaccines for mannheimia, haemolytica, and salmonella.

Trace minerals for all farm stock in injectables and molasses blocks.

Calf Additives

Fortimilk Gold

Fortimilk Green


Profelac Gold


170kg Bulk Wood Shavings

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