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Lucky layer

Xtra egg

Certified organic stockfeed countey heritage feeds

Open range poultry mix

17 premium layer red hen

Open range premium layer mix

Golden yolk

Eggs 4 sure

Country heritage feeds regenerative farming 

Chick starter

Meatline finisher

Shell grit

Starter/grower mash

Backyard layer pallets

Variety of chicken feeders


Coprice working dog chicken vegetables and brown rice 

CopRice senior chicken vegetables and brown rice 

Digger real beef & vegetable 

Cobber working dog 

Royal cabin maxi (26-44kg) weight care 

Super coat large breed puppy chicken

Super coat puppy

Dog pro puppy 

Super coat healthy weight real chicken

Super coat senior real fish

Pedigree adult with real beef and veggies 

Bonnie working dog with kangaroo 

Bonnie adult complete with chicken

Bonnie lite with chicken

Royal cabin mini adult 

Pedigree puppy chicken with rice 

Pedigree puppy 700g tins chicken and rice

Black hawk adult 400g tine beef loaf 

Black hawk adult fish 

Super cost adult chicken 

Royal xanin maxi ageing 

Hypro Premium greyhound racer 

Coprice working dog adult beef vegetables and brown rice 

Super coat adult with beef

Stockman and paddock working dog beef 

Blackhawk adult lamb and rice  

Chum beef 700gm can 

Chun beef and vegetables 1.2kg can

Pedigree adult 5 kind loaf 1.2kg can

Chum 3 meats 1.2kg


Whiskas mixed varieties cans 

Whiskas 1+ years beef and lamb 

Friskies meaty grills 

Friskies seafood sensations

Catpro adult chicken and beef 

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